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2024-2025 Québec Budget Summary

Exciting updates were revealed in the recent budget announcement by Mr. Eric Girard, Minister of Finance, on March 12, 2024. Québec’s fiscal plan for 2024-2025 prioritizes growth and resilience, addressing critical concerns across various sectors. Here are a few:

Tax Credits for Handicapped Children: Significant changes are underway to improve tax credits for handicapped children, including adjustments to components and assessment parameters. Contact your SLF advisor for further insights on how these changes may affect you and your family’s financial situation!

Enhancing Tax Credits in IT Sector: Recognizing the pivotal role of the information technology sector in driving economic growth, the budget plan outlines measures to improve the fairness and impact of tax credits supporting jobs in this field. By incentivizing innovation and job creation, Québec aims to solidify its position as a hub for technology and digital advancement.

Boosting Québec Film and Television Production: Québec’s vibrant film and television industry is a source of cultural pride and economic activity. The budget plan includes provisions to enhance support for Québec film and television production, fostering creativity and competitiveness in this vital sector.

Let’s embrace this budget’s commitment to inclusive growth, innovation, and cultural preservation. Stay engaged and reach out to your SLF advisor for personalized insights on navigating these changes and seizing the opportunities ahead for a prosperous future in Québec!

For more details, read the full budget.